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M2Q is a dynamic and fast-growing IT company within the Cronos group, focused on state-of-the-art testing solutions using strongly grounded testing techniques and methodologies. Helping our customers perform the right tests so that the quality of their new software is fixed at a Go Live: that is our main objective.

Our employees must have the opportunity to do what they love. We give you the opportunity to further develop your skills and we offer you new challenges. We want to make sure you stay up to date with the latest developments in your field so you can apply them to the job.

Jürgen Meheus
Managing Partner

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Quality Consultant

As a Quality Consultant, you will be responsible for advising and assisting our clients in improving their software testing strategies and processes. You will work closely with various stakeholders, including development teams, project managers and quality managers, to help them increase the quality of their software and improve time-to-market.

QA Officer

As a Quality Assurance Officer, you will be responsible for monitoring the proper operation of the software production and management processes. At VDAB I&T, we build and manage the software used by all Flemish job seekers, employers, VDAB consultants and partners.

Junior Test Engineer

As a Junior Test Engineer, under the guidance of a senior you will apply the necessary testing techniques to quality control the software at customer sites.

Senior Test Analyst

As a Senior Test Analyst, you will be responsible for defining test specifications and providing input to the test plan.

Test Coordinator

As Test Coordinator you are responsible for the optimal filling of the test team and you ensure that the test team can work in optimal conditions.

Release Manager

As Release Manager, you will be responsible for the full release from startup to release delivery and putting into production including: defining & executing release/program processes; escalating obstacles; driving constant improvements; and supporting the assurance period.