In the context of Customer Management, M2Q processes your personal data. M2Q considers your privacy extremely important and therefore wants to inform you as well as possible about the collection, processing and storage of your personal data.

What personal data does M2Q:

M2Q may process the following personal data about you in the context of customer management:

  • Contact & identifying information: e.g., name, email address, national registration number, date of birth, marital status.
  • Connection data: e.g., references.
  • Location data: e.g., place of residence.
  • Professional data: e.g., previous employment
Why M2Q processes your personal data

Your personal data will be processed as a function of:

  • Maintaining a relationship with you as a customer.
  • Conducting communication according to your assignments.
  • Conducting prospecting.
M2Q shares your personal data with…

Your personal data will/may be shared by M2Q with the following third parties for the purpose of filling a position:

  • Other companies in the Cronos Group
  • Passwerk CVBA

These third parties are held to strict conditions for this purpose.

How long does M2Q your personal data and your images?

M2Q undertakes not to keep your personal data longer than necessary. Your personal data will therefore be deleted within 84 months of the last recorded contact. In doing so, M2Q takes into account applicable laws and regulations. If this is deviated from, M2Q will seek your explicit consent.

How do we secure your personal data?

M2Q makes every effort to continuously (continue to) guarantee the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. To this end, M2Q has taken the necessary measures to protect your personal data. This includes carefully selecting and strictly limiting the number of employees who have access to your personal data. Moreover, the impact on your privacy is always comprehensively analyzed to ensure your rights, the security and protection of your personal data. Should an unforeseen incident occur involving your personal data, M2Q will notify you according to the conditions provided by law.

Your rights?

M2Q wishes to be fully transparent about the processing of your personal data and also prioritizes the quality/accuracy of your personal data. You as an individual therefore have the right to:

  • Access to your personal data.
  • Transferability of your personal data.
  • Adjustment (rectification) of your personal data if it is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Temporary or permanent) restriction on the processing of your personal data(*).
  • Erasure of your personal data(*) (**).

(*) You should note with these rights that M2Q may no longer be able to offer some services. M2Q will then no longer be able to contact you or provide you with general communications.

(**) M2Q reserves the right to determine whether your request is justified. In addition, in some cases we must adhere to some legal retention periods, which may prevent us from fulfilling your data erasure request. In that case, however, we will evaluate what personal data we can delete, if any, and notify you accordingly.

We will always provide you with a response within the statutory 30-day period. To ensure correct identification, if possible we ask you to identify yourself with a copy of the front of your ID card.

For complaints about M2Q’s processing of your personal data or compliance with this privacy statement, we ask that you first contact us using the contact information below.

If you feel that M2Q has not provided you with an adequate response, you may contact the Data Protection Authority (see contact details below).

Modification of privacy statement

If there are significant changes to this privacy statement, M2Q will notify you.

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