Visie M2Q QA Testing

Software is a critical success factor

You rely on your information systems to achieve your goals. A system that falters or malfunctions can cause irreparable damage to your business:

  • You are losing customers.
  • Your repair costs are skyrocketing.
  • Your reputation and credibility are melting away.
  • You will receive claims.

The move to a competitor is quick these days. Especially now that customers have such easy access to markets and technologies. Quality is more than ever a critical success factor. And to ensure that quality, testing is a must. After all, you want to make sure your software does not contain a bug when it goes “live. M2Q makes your testing process better and more reliable.

Discover how…

Testing is necessary but expensive

Testing is not cheap. You need to maintain your test environment, train and commit a test team to your company, run tests, generate test results. In short: a cost that is not part of your core business. Therefore, it is important that you thoughtfully weigh the costs against the risks. But also: that you use your resources optimally. M2Q makes that possible.

M2Q offers testing services through our in-house Test Center, among others, at a fixed price and with a fixed turnaround time. A client receives a quote right away and thus knows right away where he stands.

The concretization of the concept of outcome is different for everyone. For some, it is as inexpensive, flexible and reliable ICT solution as possible; for others, effectiveness, distinctiveness or innovation are just as important. Therefore, your situation and the related result areas are always our starting point.

Diversity is highly regarded and with the partnership with Passwerk, this is reinforced. Our consultants can be deployed on a variety of projects and have the flexibility to adapt to the client.

The goal is always to improve and assist the customer’s testing process, because a better testing process contributes to higher quality applications when they go to production. It also allows you to get better results with fewer resources because the testing process will watch over quality during the life cycle of a project.