Software a critical success factor

For a highly structured approach in testing, the budget will be approximately between 20 and 60 percent of the total project budget(average = 35%).

It is then well worth your while to be sure that the budget provided is used efficiently.

Testing is a first step in a structured approach, but will not tell you anything for which aspects of the application more time should be provided, nor will it tell you whether you have tested enough to go to production.

To still get an answer to these 2 questions, you need an understanding of whether or not the system will fail and what the consequences might be if it were to occur. In other words, you need an overview of the potential product risks.

M2Q can assist you in determining the product risks and thus help prioritize the different functionalities. We are going to identify the risks and draw them out on a graph. Risks are classified according to their business impact and probability of occurrence.

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