5 Benefits of Crowdtesting

5 Benefits of Crowdtesting


Quality is often associated with expensive, but this does not always have to be the case!

Here are 5 benefits that Crowdtesting brings:

Digitization is shortening the turnaround time of apps and websites. This forces developers to release software faster. With this increase in speed, there is more pressure and it becomes more difficult for developers to thoroughly test the software created.

There is also a shift from offline to the online scene that start-ups and SMEs have been forced to go along with. These companies usually have small budgets and cannot afford a full-time tester.

To combat these issues and still deliver quality software, the work is often reviewed through a crowdtesting platform. This is a pool of testers who will check the usability, functionality, performance etc. of the software / website / app.

Benefits of Crowdtesting:

– Experienced testers
– Testing with real people
– Gives flexibility
– Cheaper than other testing ways
– Quick feedback

While web developers can focus on their task during the day, the crowd can easily test after hours. #agiletesting #crowdtesting

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