How do I become a software tester?

How do I become a software tester?


2 topics that give a better idea about software testing:

What does a tester do?

A tester looks for bugs in software developers’ code before it comes online. This testing phase is the most important phase because everything hinges on developing good software. A tester is not going to modify the code but only look for errors and give advice. It is therefore of crusial importance that the tester understands the software structure in which the developer is working.
There are many things a tester must be able to do such as white-box and black-box testing, load testing, unit testing, security, etc.

What do you need to do to obtain a tester?

Good training, experience and studies are key to working with new technologies. Every assignment is different and the trick is to apply the right technique every time. M²Q offers training courses both for its staff and for outside companies who want further training in particular testing environments.

Do you want to pursue a career as a software testeror are you looking for support for your business? Let us sit together and help you!

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