Has your shop been tested for Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Has your shop been tested for Black Friday & Cyber Monday?


Year after year, attention to Black Friday and Cyber Monday increases in our country. These online bargain days come over from America and have played an important role in recent years leading up to the holiday season.

More attention means more visitors to your webshop, and that is what every webshop is waiting for. But how will your website and apps respond to this sudden surge in traffic? Are delays, blank pages or even an unreachable website occurring? All this will cause frustrated shoppers to leave your website and shop elsewhere.

Make sure Black Friday does not become a “Black Friday” for your webshop!

If you want to be prepared for these shopping high days, it is vital that your website and apps are tested to ensure a good shopping experience. In this blog, we go over the areas of focus on which your website and mobile apps should be tested before Black Friday and Cyber Monday start.

Checklist for a better shopping experience

Get your website ready for additional customers

One of the things you need to think about is the load on your website and mobile apps during this period. Therefore, subject your website to a load test. Using a load test, you’re going to intentionally increase the load and start pushing the threshold of the system. This threshold is the point at which your website no longer functions properly. This threshold can find its cause at the server, hardware, application and network levels. The minimum traffic your website should be able to handle is last year’s traffic +21.6%. This is the average increase we see every year on websites during this period.

Test your website on multiple browsers and platforms

Has your website been tested on multiple browsers and platforms and not just the operating system and browser running on your computer? You can use manual testing by going and testing your website on different systems with different browsers. If you want to run this test over and over again after every major change to your shop, opt for a slightly more automated approach. Useful for this is the use of software such as Browserstack, Selenium ide or Tricentis Tosca.

Is your webshop mobile-proof?

The cell phone is no longer negligible as a device for online purchases. On average, 31% of website visitors in Belgium come via a mobile device. So it is important to test your website on different devices. Above all, look in your website statistics to see what the trends are for your website and ensure an optimal browsing experience.

An optimal browsing experience thanks to UI/UX testing

Thanks to
UI/UX testing
will help your website perform better, annoy visitors less and speed up time to purchase. It goes without saying that a logical flow from viewing to ordering and checkout ensures a satisfied customer. The smoothness of the ordering process also means that visitors leave your website more smoothly, freeing up resources for new visitors.

Is your shop available to everyone?

Your webshop should also be easily accessible to people with disabilities. Does your website meet the requirements so that it can be viewed by people with visual or mental disabilities? Do all photos in your website have an ALT tag that tells what this photo is about? Can a screen reader handle the structure of your Web site? These things are easily tested using tooling.

Test your payment methods!

The final phase the customer goes through is the payment phase. This, of course, is the most important step in the whole process. Often things go wrong here, too. Test your payment methods on different browsers and different platforms and devices. Full completion of the payment should take no more than 30 seconds. Therefore, choose a solid platform for handling all payments such as Mollie or Stripe. Using a test mode, you can easily test the connection etc. manually and see if the payments succeed. This without taking money out of your account.

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