When a great service provider meets a perfect product – M2Q has partnered with Tricentis

When a great service provider meets a perfect product – M2Q has partnered with Tricentis

M2Q heeft een samenwerking afgesloten met Tricentis-M2Q-NIEUWS

M2Q recently partnered with Tricentis – a provider of a continuous automation testing platform capable of automating the most modern and advanced solutions.

Tricentis is the world leader in continuous testing and automation, widely acclaimed for reinventing software testing for DevOps and agile environments. Tricentis’ AI-based automation platform enables enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by dramatically increasing software release speed, reducing costs and improving software quality. Tricentis is widely recognized as the leader by all major industry analysts, including five consecutive years as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Meanwhile, a number of our M2Q consultants are being trained in Tricentis’ tooling, allowing us to go to market together to help clients with their digital transformation.

See what the benefits of this collaboration are and get a glimpse into the future of software testing.

M2Q decided to partner with Tricentis for several reasons. First of all, it is a world leader in Test automation and supporting the testing process. By leveraging their expertise in tooling, we can help our customers go to market faster without sacrificing quality.

Another reason is that Tricentis invests most of its resources in developing new Tosca features, which increase its competitive advantage every year. The main reason why we started the collaboration, however, is that Tricentis perfectly understands business needs such as DevOps and digital transformation and creates its product to meet them and solve problems our customers face every day.

Moreover, Tricentis employs great experts in software testing who have extensive experience and can translate this into an excellent product, says Jurgen Meheus, Managing Partner of M2Q.

On the other hand, the collaboration with M2Q is an opportunity for Tricentis to develop their solutions on a larger scale and strengthen their presence in the Benelux.

With the ever-increasing demand for new software, we see that many IT vendors are having trouble delivering on time and with sufficient quality. By partnering, we can help most clients with their challenge. For this we can use their tool Tosca – the most modern and advanced solution to ensure continuity in testing. It involves automation and integration that will ensure we can test faster and better, which will then also lead to speeding up production delivery.

Testing, a key part of this flow, had to become faster, and at the same time we need to be able to deliver at any time and measure the quality of the release. Tosca – the Continuous Testing platform combines multiple aspects of software testing, including: test case design, test automation, automated test data management and provisioning, and analytics.

A platform for continuous testing should be able to present real-time data to stakeholders on the current status of changes made by developers before release. The Tosca platform created by Tricentis focuses on delivering that insight – says Jurgen Meheus, Managing Partner of M2Q.

The Tricentis Continuous Testing platform is designed to accelerate testing to keep pace with rapid deliveries. At the core of the Tricentis Continuous Testing platform is a “Model-Based Test Automation technology,” which can detect and test changes in the application and helps to perform the many regression tests quickly when new user stories are implemented.

The Tricentis solution focuses on Risk Based Testing. It starts with identifying the client’s key business risks and then making sure we can hedge those risks by optimizing the test suite. This results in a highly efficient test suite that is quick to execute and easy to maintain. On average, this approach yields significantly greater risk coverage with about 66% less testing.

Its simplicity of use makes it an added value for many companies, as it does not involve coding. End users are also now able to turn their E-to-E processes into test cases. This can be done by using an interface within Tosca. Tosca can handle more than 100 different technologies, from Web apps to packaged applications such as SAP, SFDC, Oracle and Workday to legacy applications and APIs. All this can be achieved with test automation without programming. This extreme automation is made possible without much overhead usually associated with managing test scripts.

M2Q can now provide support to customers who have implemented Tricentis Tosca to accelerate their testing activities.

With more than 15 years of experience providing testing services, M2Q Tricentis recognizes Tosca as the best solution to overcome the three most common problems in testing projects. The first of the three problems is the cost of maintaining test automation. With Tosca, it is lower because it provides a scriptless approach (model-based) to automation testing, where manual testers can easily automate and maintain automation testing, even for complex systems. The second is the great effort to create and maintain test data. This is a common problem in projects and is solved by providing opportunities to create synthetic production data or use anonymized production data during testing. Finally, the last problem was the design of the testing system. The solution is service virtualization that allows test teams to run the test independently of other subsystems that are not available during a test session.

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