Rank better in Google
with the M2Q SEO Webtest program!

The M2Q Testing Team not only provides a report, but also helps in solving your SEO problems.
Everything starts with an SEO Quickscan after which we delve deeper into the issues using keyword research, content optimization and technical analysis of the website’s structure and code.


A fast website

We test your website for speed and report the bottlenecks in your website performance. Speed is a crucial factor for a high-scoring website!

A higher ranking in Google

By testing your website on all the key points in the Google algorithm, we can score and improve your website.

A mobile website

For several years now, Mobile First indexing has been an important key factor for a well-scoring website. How does your website perform on a mobile (cell phone)?

with our

Quality-oriented services:

SEO Quickscan

Our test engineers subject your website / webshop to a thorough quick scan. This quickcan is presented to you along with some quick wins for a better SEO score.

SEO Deepscan

To deliver a full report with to-the-point points of interest, we perform true SEO Deepscan after which we work with you to develop a full SEO action plan.

SEO As A Service

You don't improve your website's SEO score in 1 day. It is a process of measurement and adjustment. That's where SEO AAS is the best solution for your business.

Business Case: Media Outlet

Valuable software
faster delivery

In an industry where “being first” makes or cracks your reputation, we shortened the time-to-market of crucial features in their digital news channels from weeks to just a few hours. This is what we have achieved:

Reduced Time-To-Market

By eliminating all existing software delivery waste and creating an effective collaboration strategy that increases the speed of collaboration between software teams.

Higher Quality Output

Our goal was to start QA checks and structured quality assurance as early as possible to make sure we were developing the right thing the right way.

Reduced Feature Cost

Lean processes created the ideal environment for automation using state-of-the-art DevOps and CI/CD approaches. This increased delivery speed with lower resource utilization, making feature development significantly cheaper.



Business Case: Insurance & Mutuality

Restore trust in ICT

By fostering a new and quality-oriented culture between business and IT, we were able to significantly reduce the number of recurring production issues, with a positive impact on user satisfaction and a reduction in overhead costs.