Together, the Province of Antwerp and its employees form a dynamic regional government that serves all the residents in its territory. It is the link between municipal, federal and European governments. The province plays an important social role. In your daily life, you meet “the province” more often than you might think.

Our M2Q employee was responsible for advising, executing and monitoring the testing process of projects so that within the provincial government, projects aimed at achieving policy objectives or improving processes and systems could be realized in a quality manner.

The responsibility of the test coordinator covers the entire testing process: planning the testing activities, reviewing the analysis documents, ensuring availability of test environments test accounts, test data, hardware…, writing test cases taking into account the biggest product risks and measuring the requirement coverage. Executing test cases, logging and retesting notifications, regularly reporting test progress, supervising end-user testing, verifying a quality production deploy, being a bridge between the technical developers and the end users, continuously improving the development and testing process, transferring to the operational teams,…

At the Province of Antwerp, that includes coaching a Passworker. Passwerk harnesses the qualities of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with normal giftedness for software testing.