Why the Software QA Consultant course at the SQS is a good choice. Suleyman tells his story.

Why the Software QA Consultant course at the SQS is a good choice. Suleyman tells his story.


A few months back, Suleyman made the decision to retrain. Now he graduated as a Software QA Consultant from the Software Quality School and was immediately offered a Job as a manual software tester at M2Q.

Why training as a Software QA Consultant at the Software Quality School is a great choice! Suleyman tells his story.

Suleyman can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Sure. A husband and father of three children, I am 37 years old. I earned my Master’s degree in Media Management. After several years working in television in France, I moved to Belgium, completely changed my domain and started working in the oil industry, where I have worked for the past 10 years. The pandemic and the rapid restructuring of the global economy prompted me once again to look for new opportunities to realize my professional potential. I have always followed the rapid development of digital technologies with interest and now I have become a part of this world.

What did you learn in this course?

First of all, this training gave me a good understanding of the latest concept and key principles of Software Testing according to ISTQB standards. We were also introduced to the main tools and techniques of test management and test execution in practice: a detailed study and practical exercises on the correct organization of the software testing lifecycle, regression testing, API testing, performance testing, etc. The curriculum of this course also included classes that were not directly related to testing, but are related to and important in a professional work environment. We were introduced, for example, to Agile methodology, working with SQL databases, the principles of Lean Six Sigma and Business Analysis. But I would especially like to point out a very comprehensive and interesting class on Release Management, which was given to us by Dirk Sundermann, an outstanding professional in the field of Quality Assurance in general.

What qualities do you think you need to have to become a Software tester at M2Q?

I don’t want to talk about the purely professional skills of a tester, because with due diligence anyone can master the entire technical arsenal in practice. Although our work involves constant interaction with computer systems, it is worth remembering that these systems are made by people. Therefore, in answering this question, I would rather emphasize the importance of being able to communicate well and naturally with colleagues. Every employee, manager or consultant of the company is first and foremost a human being. Therefore, in my opinion, healthy natural communication and the desire for mutual understanding is the most important factor in a successful career in M2Q.

How versatile do you think the profession of software tester really is?

Software Testing itself is a multifaceted and extremely exciting area of the IT industry. After all, the software tester is a kind of node throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. He must work with the software product and know it well, be able to clearly define where, when and what types of testing should be applied. At the same time, he must perfectly understand customer expectations, be in constant contact with developers and business analysts, etc. Such a mode in itself offers great opportunities for professional growth and skill expansion, but achieving results depends on the tester himself, his motivation and goals along the way.

Is prior education in the field of ICT necessary to successfully complete the Software Quality Consultant (Software Testing ) course?

Our group of M2Q students did not include a single person with an IT background. In practice, however, I have seen that to master the basics of Software Testing, no specific prior training is required. It is enough to be logical, pay attention to details, be disciplined and perhaps sometimes think a little creatively.

Would you recommend someone to take this course?

Undoubtedly. Moreover, I am already telling people around me about my experience with the training at M2Q Software Quality School. I am looking forward to the start of the next promotion and I hope that one of my motivated friends will be lucky enough to take their place in the class. I really hope my example can be helpful to someone who is looking for new opportunities and is not afraid of challenges to themselves.

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