Why I chose a job as a test engineer

Why I chose a job as a test engineer


There is a period when, as young people, we are asked what we want to be later. Like many of us, the market offerings are very wide and we are overwhelmed with choices.
Therefore, it is not obvious for everyone to tie the right knot. I was such a “somebody.

As a 22-year-old, I proudly graduated as an “Orthopedagogue. With my heart in the right place, I had the “gusto” to support people with intellectual disabilities in their day-to-day activities. However, it was no easy matter to find a nine-to-five job or a job without shifts in the social sector that offered me a full-time contract. Also, I felt it was urgently time to spread my wings and stand on my own two feet. So a full-time job was more than welcome.

My then boyfriend was employed in the IT sector which at the time was still a big black hole for me. IT could mean so much. I had little knowledge about it, yet I was extremely interested in the job he was doing. Indeed, he was a test engineer. On top of that, that job would be hard on my abilities. My initial interest in the “Testing world” was piqued.

Thus, it turned out that an analytical ability, the pursuit of quality, “perfectionism” and an eye for detail are not unimportant skills. Also, we live in a society where we can speak of a technological tsunami. In other words, we are living in a period of accelerating technological change where we can speak of exponential growth instead of linear growth. In my mind, then, the word “career” began to illuminate itself. To take this leap, I didn’t have to have a technical background either. This sector offers you the opportunity to be trained for this.

M2Q made sure I was able to use my abilities to the fullest. Not only are the above abilities touched during my work, my field of interest was also flared up in the process. If you as a person can follow a path where you are challenged and continue to be challenged, you can speak of a job that is fulfilling. Namely, M2Q is a consulting software company where you will be dispatched as an employee to various software clients. Those clients, in turn, can relate to several sectors such as banking, health, insurance, HR and so on and so forth. The fact that as an employee you have the opportunity to go and do projects in several sectors will keep you interested. The “my job is never dull” slogan was born. You also gain a tremendous amount of business knowledge which I think is a plus in itself anyway for your own personal development.
Commuting and your own preference for certain sectors are also taken into account.

Moreover, at M2Q you also get the option to retrain yourself if you wish. I personally think this is very important. There are always people who are satisfied with their current position as-is, or you have people who like to grow and keep growing. Whatever your preference, M2Q thinks it’s all okay and will meet your needs.

I myself started out as a junior test engineer. This means that as a “starter” you will start applying the necessary testing techniques at the customer’s site under the guidance of a senior tester. The more experience you have, the more you grow. Meanwhile, I can proudly say that I am already 12y employee at M2Q. I don’t need to explain that this proves that I am satisfied with my employer. Going from a junior test engineer I am currently a senior and have already proven my services as an executive tester but also as a test coordinator and lead + incorporated the role of scrum master. I find the varying opportunities in this job enormously attractive.

So if you like a continuity of challenges, lifelong learning, analyzing applications and being an on-the-field Sherlock Holmes who tracks down bugs in order to achieve customer application quality, then you will benefit greatly from a job as a software test engineer.

Moreover, if you like a company that does not consider you a number, listens to your needs and gives you a customized offer, then I recommend M2Q as well.

Author: Sofie

Like Sofie, do you also feel like joining the M2Q team? Then don’t hesitate and send your contact information and CV to Stephanie.Loyens@m2q.be and she will take it right away!

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