Who do you have your software tested by?

Who do you have your software tested by?


Perhaps you should first ask yourself why software testing is necessary.

The answer to this question is quite simple. In our highly digitizing world, software applications are very important. Every business, no matter how large or small, uses software in one way or another. The malfunctioning of this software can have dire consequences for the company. All this can be solved by software testing. This both during application development and before rolling out an update.

Developing software without errors.

When testing has become a regular part of the development process, residual programming errors in production will be minimal. This not only to the great satisfaction of the customer, but also of the users.

Errors cause the software to be inefficient, slow or malfunction. The customer experience suffers when a user or customer faces this.

Software testing is becoming increasingly important for the continuity of your business.

Test yourself or have it tested.

For testing your software, you can go two ways. Either you will test your software yourself using a self-written test script, or have professionals work on it. In either case, M2Q can help.

You can turn to M2Q for a learning and coaching program in which we train your people to become real testers, or you can hire a junior/senior test engineer who can guarantee the necessary experience, certifications and continuity.

Interested? Contact Jurgen Meheus at 0477/243132 or via e-mail : info@m2q.be

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