What are the typical duties of a Test Manager at M2Q?

What are the typical duties of a Test Manager at M2Q?

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The expert test manager will provide an appropriate approach or combination of approaches to suit the organization to meet or exceed set objectives.

As an expert test manager at M2Q, you will perform the following duties:

The test manager

  • Leads test management within an organization, project or program to identify and manage critical success factors
  • Makes appropriate decisions on a test management strategy and implements organization-wide deployment and compliance based on quality KPIs
  • Assesses the current status of test management, suggests incremental improvements and shows how these are linked to achieving business goals
  • Establishes and implements strategic policies to improve test management and testing in an organization
  • Analyzes specific test management problems and proposes effective solutions
  • Creates a master test plan with matching steering dashboard to meet or exceed business objectives
  • Develops innovative concepts for test management
  • Set up a standard process for implementing test management
  • Leads an organization to improve the test management process and manage the introduction of changes
  • Understands human issues related to test project management and makes necessary changes

Also ensures that the risks of the project are identified and that we have a solution/work-a-round for each risk.

Also ensures that the results of the tests are communicated to the stakeholders so that they in turn can make the right decision.

Also ensures that lines of communication are established between the end users, analyst team, development team and test team.

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