Trefdag Flanders Digital

Trefdag Flanders Digital


Today, M2Q is participating in De Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal, a meeting of great importance for the promotion of digital progress in Belgium.

During the inspiring opening session, Mr. Jan Smedts provided us with valuable insight into some of the essential trends that will have an impact on the functioning of government today and in the future. This insight provides us with a solid foundation to further streamline and strengthen our work to effectively meet the challenges of a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Our representatives, Jurgen Meheus, Managing Partner of M2Q, and Dirk Sundermann, QA Officer, together with Günther Himschoot, Marketing Manager at M2Q , are currently present at the booth of Cronos Public Services NV. This collaboration illustrates our commitment to collaboration and synergy, in line with this year’s theme, “Connecting the dots. Together we make a difference!”

We look forward to valuable insights and meaningful connections throughout the rest of the day. M2Q remains committed to fostering innovation and collaboration to promote a sustainable digital future for Flanders.

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