The crucial role of an External Test Center for companies

The crucial role of an External Test Center for companies


At a time when technology is the backbone of business operations, quality is invaluable. For companies, an external software testing facility, such as M2Q’s, is invaluable in ensuring the reliability of their products and services.

What is an External Test Center?

An external test center is a specialized entity outside a company’s core that is responsible for testing, analyzing and validating software, applications or technology products. It acts as an independent unit that objectively assesses the quality of products before they go to market.

What are the benefits of an External Test Center?

  1. Objectivity and independence: External testing centers provide an objective view of products without being influenced by internal processes. This reinforces the reliability of test results.
  2. Expertise and specialized skills: External testing teams are often highly specialized and have in-depth expertise in testing, allowing them to better identify and address potential weaknesses.
  3. Pressure on quality: By bringing in outside testing centers, a company puts extra emphasis on quality. This results in an enhanced focus on delivering error-free products and services.
  4. Cost and time efficiency: Remote centers can help reduce overhead costs and shorten development cycles through faster identification and resolution of problems.


M2Q’s External Test Center: Quality Assured

M2Q’s External Test Center has a major impact on the quality of the quality of software products and services. By working with M2Q, your organization puts a strong focus on quality assurance.


Partnership for Quality

M2Q has many professional, qualified test experts on its team who are known for their expertise and thorough testing methodologies. A partnership with M2Q therefore provides a company with access to specialized knowledge and advanced testing tools.


Quality processes and methodologies.

M2Q’s test center operates according to rigorous processes and methodologies, including:

  • Automated testing: With Low code automation, to quickly and efficiently verify the functionality of software.
  • Compatibility testing: To ensure that the software is compatible with different devices and platforms.
  • Regression testing: To ensure that new updates do not cause unintended problems in existing functionality.

M2Q: your asset for quality!

An external test center such as M2Q’s is an invaluable asset in ensuring the quality of technological solutions. It demonstrates M2Q’s commitment to impeccable products and services, resulting in satisfied customers, a strong competitive position and faster time-to-market.


Want to learn more about M2Q’s external testing center and our focus on quality? Feel free to contact us for a 30min free online consultation!

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