Software Tester training at the Software Quality School

Software Tester training at the Software Quality School

M2Q-opleding tot software testers

They are taking the plunge!

“They are taking the plunge! M2Q and b.ignited are offering seven bold individuals the chance to plunge into the exciting world of Software Tester.

On Tuesday, 19/04/2022, our seven promising talents, namely Hans, Olivier, Wim, Timothy, Axel, Suleyman and Lars, began an intensive training program to become Software Quality Consultants at the renowned Software Quality School.

Under the guidance of Jurgen Meheus, M2Q’s Managing Partner, they are being groomed to become ISTQB-certified Quality Consultants, specializing in both manual and automated software testing. It is a challenging journey, and we wish them all well in this adventure!

Training at the Software Quality School begins with a solid foundation in quality assurance, where participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to earn their ISTQB certification. After the first two weeks, they dive deeper into the world of manual and automated testing.

Once they successfully complete this testing training, these promising talents are ready to start working as Junior Software Testers and make a positive impact in the software development world.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting course and the opportunities it offers for future Software Testers, please do not hesitate to contact us at Software Quality School. We are happy to share more information and are ready to answer all your questions.”


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