Olivier successfully completed the training program to become a Software Test Engineer

Olivier successfully completed the training program to become a Software Test Engineer


Olivier has successfully completed the Software Test Engineer training program at the Software Quality School, now a great career within M2Q as a Software Test Engineer awaits him. Read his story below.

Hello Olivier can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Olivier. I am a motivated, sociable person who enjoys goal-oriented work with a positive mindset.

What did you learn in this course?

M2Q’s SQS class is particularly diverse.
You will be introduced to the fundamentals of Software Testing through the ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus. A number of issues such as testing terminology, testing techniques, testing tools, etc…. are covered. Through the ISTQB Foundation exam, I then obtained my certification as a Tester.
Furthermore, through the SQS class, I learned to discover a handful of tools that will be applicable in my future career as a Software Tester.

What qualities do you think you need to have to become a Software tester at M2Q?

As a Software Tester, I think you need to be especially communicative. In addition, you proceed with the right mindset. Common farm sense is a good thing.

How versatile do you think the profession of software tester really is?

As a Software Tester, there are several opportunities for growth. You can adequately educate yourself and hereby obtain necessary certificates to further deepen or specialize in the profession. So the versatility can be easily determined by yourself.

Is prior education in the field of ICT necessary to successfully complete the Software Quality Consultant (Software Testing ) course?

You can get started as a Software Tester just fine without prior training. You will learn the necessary knowledge to get ready for the job through M2Q’s SQS class.

Would you recommend someone to take this course?

The SQS class is a course that anyone can take, without any prior knowledge. Highly recommended for those who want to venture their step into the world of Software Testing.

Also become a Software Tester?

Does Olivier’s story appeal to you and are you also thinking of becoming a Manual Software Tester at M2Q? Thencheck out all our vacancies and take your chance!

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