Matthias, the past 5 years have been hell!

Matthias, the past 5 years have been hell!


Matthias, the past 5 years have been hell!…. Just kidding!


Interest in Artificial Intelligence led me to the world of IT 5 years ago, via via I came to the Cronos group and after a short adventure in a start-up dealing with Robot programming I was put in contact with M2Q. It was a very positive introduction and soon I was introduced to the world of software testing.

For me, it was something new, a challenge that I enjoyed. Software testing, in fact, combined a number of necessary qualities that I -if I do say so myself- believed I possessed: a combination of an eye for detail, being able to figure things out independently, looking at things critically to ensure quality based on the documentation. Daring to ask questions and question things is something that certainly came and continues to come in handy in testing. My curious nature, attention to detail, and my pursuit of perfection provided a perfect foundation.

The great thing about M2Q is that you get every opportunity to develop further, new tools, training in using these…. everything is given to you if you ask for it. This gave me the opportunity to focus on performance testing, load testing and low coding tools for automation. So I continued to grow and found a great place to work at M2Q and a great project. IT keeps advancing which challenges you to grow with it, the fact that you can keep learning ensures that you don’t quickly fall into a fixed “routine. Thus, I hope to continue to learn and come into contact with all aspects of software development. As a tester, you will work with developers, analysts, automatons, and many other roles. For me, this helps to learn about all aspects a bit and grow further.

So 5 years later, I am still on the same project as a consultant and still at M2Q. What still attracts me to M2Q is the drive to help us continue to grow, everyone gets the same opportunities here, and if there are problems you only have to say something and a solution is sought together. No one here is just a number. For a gang of consultants who see each other infrequently, there is still a nice bonding as a team, something a lot of effort goes into: team meetings, team events, dinners, etc. It is not just about the work, but also about the team and the people who are part of it. The open structure and approachability of everyone in the company makes me feel like more than a simple employee, a simple tester.

So for me, M2Q is a place where after 5 years I still feel at home, where I know I can continue to grow in whatever direction I want. The first 5 years have flown by, on to the 10!


Matthias, we want to thank you for your dedication and hard work over the past five years. You have proven to be an essential link in M2Q’s success, and we look forward to working together for many more years and reaching new milestones together.

Again, congratulations on this great achievement. Enjoy this moment and we wish you much success and satisfaction in the coming years as a Test Engineer at M2Q.

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