M2Q team building a day full of fun and team spirit

M2Q team building a day full of fun and team spirit


The M2Q team came together for an unforgettable team-building adventure amidst beautiful surroundings. This day was full of surprises and culinary delights. It was a day that revolved around team spirit and creating lasting memories. Let’s see what this day had to offer!

Our day began quietly with delicious coffee and a tasty breakfast, which gave us the necessary energy for the adventures ahead. After breakfast, a game of farmer’s golf was scheduled. Then we were divided into teams and set off with 2CVs, for a trip through the Flemish Ardennes. During the afternoon we enjoyed a delicious lunch with a variety of sandwiches while relaxing and engaging conversations with our colleagues in the beautiful castle of Oudenaarde Golf Course.

After lunch we made our way to the golf course. Under the guidance of expert golf instructors, we learned the basics of the game of golf, such as putting, pitching and swinging. Then we took up the challenge with a mutual golf match. After golf we returned to our starting location in the familiar goats.

The day ended with a pleasant burgundy barbecue as the sun slowly set. Here we could relax and enjoy delicious food and chat about the highlights of the day. It was the ideal opportunity to strengthen our team bonds and share memories.

We look back fondly on this fantastic day!

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