M2Q software testing experts gather for team meeting

M2Q software testing experts gather for team meeting


During the team meeting, Maryse brought up the ISO – Quality Management System Certification guidelines. Her presentation created a wave of enthusiasm and inspired us to strive for the highest quality standards in our work.

We also celebrated Tom’s five-year anniversary, his dedication and commitment are invaluable within M2Q! It was a moment of recognition for his contributions to our team.

After the team meeting, we enjoyed delicious pizza over a communal dinner. This gave us the opportunity to relax which strengthened team bonds.

We ended the evening with an exciting Mario Kart tournament. The competitive spirit of our team emerged as we competed for victory. In the finals, Timothy and Maxim faced each other, with Maxim eventually emerging victorious.

At M2Q, we remain determined to keep this spirit of teamwork and performance alive as we strive to reach new heights in the world of software testing.

Would you also like to be part of the M2Q team? Or do you know someone who also fits into our DNA? All information and vacancies are available on our website: m2q.be/vacancies

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