M2Q and Katalon – your partners in software testing

M2Q and Katalon – your partners in software testing


Katalon & M2Q – your partners in “software testing”

For some time, M2Q has partnered with Katalon, a low-code test automation tool.
This agreement allows us, our customers and software teams to use Katalon during the testing process.

What is Katalon?

It is an all-in-one solution for Mobile, Web, API and Desktop app testing for teams at every level. It enables software teams to quickly and easily deliver high-quality apps across digital environments. It is an automated testing tool. These tools help testers run tests, automate and log test results. Thus, a tool not to be missed!

These are some key features and benefits:

Support for various application types: Katalon can be used to run and automate tests for mobile apps (both iOS and Android), web applications, APIs and desktop applications.

Usability: designed with ease of use in mind, Katalon has an intuitive user interface that allows both beginners and experienced testers to get up and running quickly.

Automation: It allows users to automate tests, which improves the efficiency of the testing process and reduces manual effort.

Test reporting: Katalon provides extensive reporting features, allowing users to capture and analyze the results of their tests.

Integrations: It can be integrated with various tools and frameworks for test automation and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Collaboration: Katalon supports collaboration among team members, allowing teams to work together effectively on software testing.

The collaboration between M2Q and Katalon allows customers and software teams to leverage this tool to improve their testing processes and ensure the quality of their software applications. To learn more about how it can be integrated into your software testing strategy, contact the experts at M2Q at the email address provided: info@m2q.be. We can provide more detailed information and guidance on how to use the tool for your specific needs.

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