I had no ICT background, M2Q gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion anyway. Timothy tells his story.

I had no ICT background, M2Q gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion anyway. Timothy tells his story.


Timothy has successfully completed the Software Test Engineer training program at the Software Quality School, now a great career within M2Q as a Software Test Engineer awaits him. Read his story below.

Hello Timothy can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello everyone, my name is Timothy Engelen and I have 2 children. I have no training in the IT sector, but have always been interested in anything IT-related. I am a sales graduate, in which I have a 10-year experience. After these 10 wonderful years, I felt it was time to follow my passion for IT. I was able to enjoy a short course in software testing at the Syntra AB, after which I could not pass up the opportunity to start this training.

What did you learn in this course?

We have seen a huge range of different testing methods, and testing techniques. But also how it all works out. This ranged from everything regarding the ISTQB rules required to do this job to the different ways of working (see Agile). It was a very enriching course with a fun group, where there was more than enough room to ask extensive questions as needed.

What qualities do you think you need to have to become a Software tester at M2Q?

You have to have the right amount of curiosity, attention to detail, and a good dose of common sense to pull this off. But I think most people have these qualities. The bottom line is, as a tester, you have to go find the bugs in software, and therefore you do have to have an eye for detail.

How versatile do you think the profession of software tester really is?

It is a very versatile job! There is more to it than just pushing a button and seeing if it works. This includes much more than this. You end up in different sectors, with new people around you each time, and different tools and methods to use. Over time, you will also be given other projects, and you will have continuous opportunities to enrich your knowledge.

Is prior education in the field of ICT necessary to successfully complete the Software Quality Consultant (Software Testing) course?

Definitely not! A healthy amount of logical sense, and attentiveness is more than enough. Consequently, our group of students included diverse backgrounds. This is exactly what makes it so fun and interesting that even for people with totally different education as a background.

Would you recommend someone to take this course?

Of course! Anyone with a little passion for ICT, and the necessary willpower, could make it happen. This has been a wonderful initiative by M2Q to give people with no ICT background, the opportunity to still pursue their passion and dream. We have been given a huge range of learning. This these 4 weeks there was more than enough time and space for questions and practice. I can only recommend this!

Also become a Software Tester?

Does Olivier’s story appeal to you and are you also thinking of becoming a Manual Software Tester at M2Q? Thencheck out all our vacancies and take your chance!

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