Functional testing: does your software meet the minimum requirements?

Functional testing: does your software meet the minimum requirements?


Imagine if someone decided to purchase the very latest Sony smart TV through your webshop. He placed the TV in the shopping cart and wishes to checkout. When he clicks the pay button nothing happens at all. Result, a terrible customer experience and a lot of frustration. In the best case scenario, this customer reports the problem and you can help the consumer further. In most cases, the customer just leaves and you don’t know anything about it. Result, declining sales and a bad name for your online store.

If you want your visitors to enjoy the shopping journey, then functional testing is a must-have for your business strategy. Landing page, shopping cart, customer portal, order placement and tracking, various payment options – all of these are equally crucial. Is the website working properly? Are all functions working correctly? Does the software meet the specified requirements? Functional tests help answer all these questions and prevent unexpected system crashes and freezes.

Result, satisfied customers and increasing sales.

Even more benefits of functional testing:

  • a product without defects as a result
  • satisfied customers
  • the software meets the specified requirements
  • all functionalities of the application/software/product work as expected
  • more security and safety
  • a more qualitative product


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