Customization = satisfied end users after S/4HANA migration

Customization = satisfied end users after S/4HANA migration

M2Q-blogserie-SAP naar S4HANA-Deel-4

In this blog series,“The most common pitfalls when moving from SAP to S/4HANA” – we will discuss the seven most common pitfalls and explain how software testing as a service can help. Each week we cover one pitfall and explain how it can be avoided using software testing as a service.

Part 4: Tackle customization challenges properly

There are several challenges you may face when migrating customizations from SAP to S/4HANA, including:

  1. Identify customizations: It is important to identify all customizations used in your SAP system, as well as any dependencies they may have on other customizations or SAP standard functionality.
  2. Assess customizations: Once you have identified your customizations, assess them to determine if they are compatible with S/4HANA and can be migrated.
  3. Customization migration: If a customization is compatible with S/4HANA and can be migrated, migrate it using the appropriate tools and utilities.
  4. Testing customizations: After you have migrated your customizations, it is important to test them thoroughly to ensure that they work as expected in the S/4HANA environment.
  5. Optimizing customizations: Once your customizations are running in S/4HANA, you may need to optimize them to take advantage of new features or functionality in S/4HANA.

To address these challenges, it is important to have a well-defined process for identifying, assessing, migrating, testing and optimizing modifications during the migration process. It may also be helpful to work with a partner or consultant who has experience with customization and the migration process.

By following these steps, you can contribute to a successful migration of data from SAP to S/4HANA.

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