4 signs when you are in need of testing

4 signs when you are in need of testing


4 signs when you are in need of testing:

Poor functionality:
When a website, application, software package is ready, it is reviewed by developer. Yet it happens that a customer types in a different character or writes in a different language which causes the whole system to block. This leads to customer frustration, causing them to abandon the page.

Long load times:
Websites or apps that load too slowly have a big impact on potential customers. Studies have shown that 53% of customers drop out if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Delayed time to market:
Often, websites, apps or software packages are tied to deadlines. Sometimes, it may happen that in the development process, certain bugs come to the surface that require delaying the release date. This to the great frustration of companies who realize that this leads to image loss.

Illogical usability:
Because developers work on the same application or website for weeks at a stretch, they sometimes overlook errors. This results in certain buttons or fields not being placed correctly making it too complicated for the customer and causing them to drop out.

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