Nearshore & Agile Software
Testing Services

Lower operating costs with higher productivity and quality

Combined with today’s fast-paced world, companies expect fast and efficient delivery of software solutions without quality sacrifices, which is possible with effective quality and software testing services. Nearshore and Agile Software Testing Services can reduce operational costs while increasing productivity and ensuring quality delivery at every step of the development lifecycle.


Lower operating costs

By including project quality assurance in the development process from the beginning, we can reduce operational costs.

Higher productivity

By outsourcing software testing through Nearshore, you can count on higher productivity in the testing process.

Better quality

At M2Q, we also deploy Nearshore testers. This ensures greater availability coordinated from our team

with our

Quality-oriented services:

Agile Software Testing

M2Q integrates Agile Software Testing services at the beginning of the project between development and testing. This ensures optimal and fast delivery of the software or application.

Nearshore Software Testing

This allows you to have your software testing solution close to your enterprise. Quickly, easily and qualitatively build your test team with an M2Q Nearshore Team.

Offshore Software Testing

When time zones and accessibility are not an issue for your testing plan, Offshore Software Testing is certainly effective when it comes to availability and quality.

What are Nearshore & Offshore Test Services?

Nearshore refers to the geographic location used for outsourcing projects and services to partner companies. Most business-minded people are already familiar with offshore and onshore outsourcing, which use overseas partners and country-based third-party companies respectively to supplement your software development teams. Nearshore, by comparison, is used for outsourcing companies that are within the same time zones as your company, but located within the borders of a separate country. This allows you to have your quality assurance and software testing comprehensive teams in a location that is close to the country of your headquarters, but at a reduced price than in the country of where the customer operates.

What are Agile Test Services?

Software testing services refers to the process of verifying a system for the purpose of identifying any errors or flaws in a software application or program. We verify that the created software functions according to customer and end-user requirements. Each product must be delivered to the complete specifications required by the customer, which means that quality assurance must be thorough, deliberate and efficient. The traditional way of software development is known as the Waterfall method, in which the building process is broken down into a series of steps. This linear design provides clear direction, but at the expense of agility, speed and seamless delivery. Agile Software Testing, is a better alternative and can be implemented at the beginning of the project with continuous integration between development, Business and the test team, something the Waterfall method is less capable of. Instead of being sequential, Agile software development is continuous.