Great Place to Work


2023/2024: For the second time in a row, M2Q is ” Great Place To Work” certified!

We did it again! We are delighted to announce that for the second time we have received Great Place to Work® Belgium certification with a score of 94%! This achievement is a testament to the dedication of my team and colleagues within the Slingshot cluster, consisting of the following Cronos companies – M2Q, b.ignited, Bulls-i and The Beehive.

2022/2023: M2Q is a Great Place to Work

Being certified as a Great Place to Work is a great achievement and an honor for us.

I am delighted that M2Q, as part of Slingshot, has been certified as a Great Place to Work. M2Q has risen to the challenge with its employees to prioritize team well-being. Everyone should feel engaged and “at home” on the M2Q team. Over the past 2 years, we have used technologies to strengthen connection and hybrid workplaces and streamline work processes to foster greater collaboration. I am encouraged to see our diversity and inclusion initiatives take off and positively impact the overall group spirit. Thank you to all M2Q employees for your contribution to this Great Place to Work certification.

Things employees like about M2Q

“At M2Q, you feel valued. If you want to grow or develop yourself you can always turn to the CEO Jürgen, he is behind you. It’s more like a family than an organization.”

Warm family atmosphere
You are not thrown in at the deep end. You are supported from day 1 by the CEO and colleagues. All noses point in the same direction. The CEO Jurgen is genuinely interested in who I am as a person.

Opportunity to develop yourself
We get opportunities to grow and develop further.

In for fun
Besides the hard work, there is always room for relaxation and fun such as team dinners, family outings, the annual St. Nicholas party, the karting competition, etc…

Feel good
Regularly at expected and unexpected times you get nice surprise packages sent home. During COVID time, the CEO, Jürgen, himself dropped by with an Easter package.

Free lunch and coffee
We have free food for everyone and unlimited coffee.

Casual dress code
There are no formal dress code requirements at the office, so you can dress comfortably.


Jurgen Meheus M2QCEO and Managing Partner Jürgen Meheus is proud of this recognition

Jürgen Meheus, CEO M2Q: “We are particularly proud to have achieved this label together with the Slingshot cluster. That we are now recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ is confirmation that our people and customers feel at home at M2Q. We always work to create an environment where people have direct contact with the CEO, can develop and where there is always room for relaxation and fun.


What truly makes us a Great Place To Work are our people!