Would you like to be jointly responsible for launching quality software in government, large companies or mega events?

Our April/May 2022 training is full. But, would you also like to be groomed to become an ISTQB certified Quality Consultant in manual or automated software testing? Register now and we will contact you as soon as we organize a new session.

Would you like to be jointly responsible for launching quality software in government, large companies or mega events?

From April 19 to May 13, 2022, you will be prepared to become an ISTQB certified Quality Consultant in manual or automated software testing. Register quickly because spots are limited.

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What is the
Software Quality School?

The Software Quality School or SQS is an initiative of b.ignited and M2Q. This free, all-inclusive initiative is in its 4ththe edition and focuses on teaching and training skills necessary ot o the task as Quality Consultant perform.

Be chosen

Will you be chosen to participate in this track? Then, not only can you participate in SQS completely free of charge, but, as icing on the cake, you could have a chance to snatch a coveted spot within one of the two companies.

Only the very best get offered that spot but everyone walks away with a solid QA foundation AND certification.

Why participate in the
Software Quality School?

Professional trainers

Our trainers are pro at their craft and put their knowledge into practice daily with major clients.


After four weeks, with a renewed dose of confidence and several recognized certificates, you will be a professional at the beginning of your career in Quality Assurance.

Quality is key

Software quality is the key to customer appreciation and retention. Help companies ensure the success of their business through your efficiency and effectiveness.

Limited group

SQS chooses a small group so that we can support and mentor everyone appropriately to become a Software Quality Consultant.

The SQS training

The next SQS training will continue in the fall of 2022. During this training we want to give you a chance to sense where your passion lies, which is why after two weeks we split the training program. That way you can focus on what makes your heart beat faster.

Week 1 & 2

For the first two weeks, you and your classmates will see the basics of quality assurance and obtain your ISTQB certificate to prove it. Starting in week three, you choose whether to go for test analysis, Lean Six Sigma for software delivery and low coding or you choose our more technical track and learn to play with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), basic Java, BDD, Cucumber and Docker in no time.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg and you will learn a lot more in SQS….

Week 3 & 4 – M2Q track

In this track at M2Q you will learn more about Test Analysis, a number of testing tools(which will allow you to test faster and more efficiently),Release management, Lean Six sigma etc… among other things.

Week 3 & 4 – b.ignited track

Starting in week three in this more technical track, we will go deeper into real coding with Java, BDD and Cucumber. It also covers a number of test automation frameworks.

The collaboration

b.ignited and M2Q, both software quality assurance companies within the Cronos group, guarantee the same goals, but with a different approach. Through this collaborative initiative, we can offer this formula to new talent.

M2Q is a dynamic and fast-growing IT company within the Cronos group, focused on state-of-the-art testing solutions using strongly grounded testing techniques and methodologies. Helping our customers perform the right tests so that the quality of their new software is fixed at a Go Live: that is our main objective.

Over the past 5 years b.ignited has grown into a company with more than 20 cool and motivated employees, each with their specialization within test automation, ranging from technical testing, over API testing to automated UI testing. Every day we help our customers automate the right tests in the right way, so that their new software is guaranteed to go “live” without any problems. automate so that their new software is guaranteed to be put Live without problems.