Nxport has designed a completely new Container Release system, to process container ships into the port faster and safer as well as the container leaving the port faster and safer (ship, train, truck)

Our assignment was to investigate any performance issues on the Container Release application.

In consultation with the functional tester, identify the possible happy flows and performance test these scenarios where possible. The application included different angles and different technologies that are connected.

  • For example, through a special communication before entering the port, ships indicate what containers they contain. These are always large sets that are transmit in a short period of time. By combining with Jmeter with an “in house” tool, we were able to start load simulation here
  • The application also arranged once the container was unloaded where the forklift driver should place it. If possible, scripts were provided here
  • At the same time, the transportation/transshipment firms were notified that their container had arrived. If possible, scripts were provided here
  • The application also caused the truck to receive an access code to enter the port to go pick up just that container.
    The necessary administration was also handled by operators through this platform. If possible, scripts were provided here

At the end of the run, M2Q provided reports noting our findings on the performance of the system