Thursday, Dec. 8, Christmas market at Cronos

Thursday, Dec. 8, Christmas market at Cronos

We are so happy to announce that our Christmas market was a success!

Thursday, December 8, there was another Christmas market at Cronos!

Like many years, we were there with a Christmas stand. Thanks to your generosity and support, we were able to raise €1,281 for the orphanage “Mi Casa” in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

To show our appreciation, M2Q bore all expenses and raised this amount to €2,500. All proceeds will go to charity: orphanage ‘Mi Casa’ in Santa Cruz, Bolivia; We can’t wait to see what they do with the money!

Thanks to Darko Grabovac + his wife, Cynthia Maes, Stephanie Loyens and everyone who helped behind the scenes. And, thanks to all of you for helping us raise that €1,281.

The Christmas market took place at the Campus in Kontich, on and around the center square at Veldkant 33A.

Thanks everyone for the support!
The M2Q Team

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