The Power of Low Code Automation in Software Testing

The Power of Low Code Automation in Software Testing


In the quest to optimize software testing, many companies have embraced the benefits of various automated tools. M2Q, as your partner in software solutions, understands the need for an integrated approach. Therefore, we not only offer expertise in leading tools such as Tosca by Tricentis, Katalon, Smartbear, Leapwork, TestComplete and UFT, but also full implementation and training support.

A seamless integration of Top-tier tools

Tosca by Tricentis, Katalon, Smartbear, Leapwork, TestComplete and UFT are among the top-tier software testing tools, each with its own unique features and strengths. M2Q recognizes the value of these tools and provides seamless integration to create a comprehensive spectrum of capabilities. By maximizing the synergy between these tools, M2Q enables your development team to take advantage of the specific benefits of each tool, optimizing your test automation process.

Tosca from Tricentis: efficiency and reliability

Tosca from Tricentis is known for its efficient end-to-end test automation and risk-based testing approach. M2Q allows you to harness the power of Tosca by seamlessly integrating it into your existing testing infrastructure. Whether automating regression testing, load testing or API testing, M2Q provides expert guidance and support.

Katalon:efficiency and scalability

Known for its efficiency and scalability, Katalon offers an all-in-one automation solution for web, mobile and API testing. M2Q recognizes the value of Katalon and has integrated it into its extensive test ecosystem. This allows organizations to benefit from Katalon’s user-friendliness while leveraging the power of other top-tier tools.

Smartbear: focus on quality and performance

Smartbear excels at providing quality test solutions, with a focus on performance, security and collaboration. By integrating Smartbear tools with M2Q, you can take advantage of comprehensive testing capabilities, including code reviews, API testing and performance testing, to take the quality of your software to new heights.

Leapwork: visual test automation without limits

Leapwork is known for its visual approach to test automation, allowing non-technical users to effectively contribute to the testing process. M2Q seamlessly integrates Leapwork, allowing your team to benefit from visual test automation without the need for in-depth programming knowledge.

TestComplete: powerful functionality and flexibility

TestComplete provides powerful functionality and flexibility for automating functional testing across platforms. M2Q provides seamless integration of TestComplete, allowing your team to quickly and effectively design and execute functional test scenarios.

UFT: robust automation for enterprise-level applications

UFT (Unified Functional Testing) is designed to automate functional and regression testing, especially for enterprise-level applications. M2Q integrates UFT in a way that suits your business needs, allowing your team to harness the power of this robust automation tool.

Implementation and training: the M2Q promise

At M2Q, we understand that implementing automated testing tools is not only about integration, but also about empowering your team. That’s why we offer comprehensive implementation services, customizing the tools to your specific needs and infrastructure.

In addition, M2Q provides expert training to ensure your team is fully competent in using these integrated tools. From basics to advanced features, M2Q is ready to guide your team on the path to successful automated software testing.


M2Q not only brings together the top-tier software testing tools, such as Tosca from Tricentis, Katalon, Smartbear, Leapwork, TestComplete and UFT, but also provides seamless integration to create a powerful automated test ecosystem. With the promise of expert implementation and comprehensive training, M2Q positions your organization for success in the complex world of software testing. Choose M2Q as your partner and let us guide you to a future of optimized software development and quality assurance.

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