Thank you M2Q for being a partner of VILLAMAX

Thank you M2Q for being a partner of VILLAMAX


Thank you M2Q for being a partner of VILLAMAX

It really was a very beautiful and warm summer for VillaMax.
24 families have enjoyed a virtuous week’s vacation at VillaMax over the past 2 months and it’s partly thanks to you, for which incredible thanks.
During the fall break, the following 6 families will visit.
A total of 172 families have already enjoyed a VillaMax week in recent years.

We hope, of course, that you will also continue to partner with VillaMax and that together we will be able to invite the 50 families registered in 2023.

One of the families – Dujardin family – speaking out

This vacation was so much more than what we dared to dream of! We got to know our daughter in a different way this week, separate from all the stress & worries.
A different world has also opened up as a family and couple! We needed this so badly.

The best memories were made here and we will take them with us forever!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.


M2Q proud partner of VillaMax:

At M2Q, we feel responsible in everything we do. We are always 100 percent committed to our clients. Yet that sense of responsibility is not enough for us. We also want to advocate for people with dreams who cannot fulfill them. That is why M2Q has become a partner of VillaMax.

Read more about the collaboration between VillaMax and M2Q:

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