QA Engineer at M2Q tested the VRT NWS app & website

QA Engineer at M2Q tested the VRT NWS app & website


Recently, with great enthusiasm and dedication, launched the updated version of the VRT NWS app and website. This milestone was the result of intensive work and a dedicated team of professionals. Delivering a high-quality user experience was central to this project, and our team went to great lengths to ensure that the updated app and website were up to the highest standards.

One of the crucial steps in this process was thorough testing of the VRT NWS app and website to ensure that all functions functioned correctly and that any errors were identified and fixed. Our QA Engineer, Darco, played a vital role in this aspect of the project. With his expertise and dedication, he has ensured that the app and website are free of technical flaws and run smoothly, ensuring a flawless experience for our users.

The quality of the VRT NWS app and website is of paramount importance, especially given that the number of users is growing exponentially. Our mission is to present news in a convenient, accurate and reliable way to our readers and viewers. With this updated app and website, we aim to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers and visitors. We are proud to have moved one step closer to that goal with this launch.

The VRT NWS app and website are not only a source of information, but also a platform for connection and engagement. We are excited to provide our users with the latest news updates, in-depth analysis and compelling stories. Together with our dedicated team and partners, we have worked to deliver a product that represents the best in digital journalism.

This success is the result of teamwork and cooperation. We believe in the importance of “being successful together” and “making better software together.” These values have driven us to strive for excellence in our products and services. We remain committed to quality and innovation so that we can provide our users with the best possible experience.

In short, the revamped VRT NWS app and website are a testament to our commitment to high-quality journalism and technology. We look forward to continuing to inform and engage our users, and we are grateful for their continued support on our journey to excellence. Together, we continue to grow and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our audience.

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