M2Q workation in Spain

M2Q workation in Spain


Gentle sea breezes, sun-drenched days and the perfect balance between work and relaxation – these were the ingredients of our unforgettable workation in beautiful Platja d’Aro, Spain. Together with my colleagues, we chose to work part-time for a week, while others chose to devote themselves fully to their duties. The result? A harmonious blend of productivity, inspiration and shared pleasures. Read on as we take you on a journey full of professional growth and unforgettable adventures in this picturesque part of Catalonia.

The ideal work-life balance: Our workation in Platja d’Aro was all about finding the perfect balance between work and relaxation. Each morning we started our day with a few hours of focused work, taking advantage of the modern facilities in our accommodation. It was inspiring to see everyone dedicated to their tasks, to which that beautiful sea view only contributed. After these productive sessions, it was time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Exploring Girona and Barcelona: One of the highlights of our workation was exploring the nearby cities of Girona and Barcelona. Gerona, a charming city rich in history, offered us the chance to wander its cobblestone streets and enjoy its medieval architecture. We visited the famous cathedral and enjoyed breathtaking views from the city walls.

Barcelona, a bustling metropolis on the coast, was a real treat for our senses. We admired Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces, such as the Sagrada Família and Park Güell. The vibrant atmosphere of the city gave us new energy and inspiration, and we enjoyed the local cuisine and cultural highlights Barcelona has to offer.

Culinary indulgence: In addition to exploring the area, food was a central part of our workation experience. We discovered local restaurants where we could taste delicious Mediterranean dishes. From fresh seafood to traditional tapas, every meal was a feast for our taste buds. What was even more special was that every afternoon we lunched together on the terrace, where we not only enjoyed delicious food, but also had the chance to relax and socialize with our colleagues outside the work environment.

The value of togetherness: One of the most valuable aspects of our workation in Platja d’Aro was being with colleagues in a different setting. Sharing meals, conversations and activities outside of work strengthened our bonds and created a sense of team spirit. We got to know each other better, discovered shared interests and shared valuable experiences. These informal moments played a crucial role in building a positive and supportive work environment, which continued in the office after the workation.

The impact on our work and well-being: This workation had a noticeable impact on both our work and well-being. The alternation between work and relaxation made us feel recharged and inspired. Breaking out of our daily routine and working from a new environment brought a breath of fresh air to our projects. We were able to think more creatively, generate new ideas and apply new perspectives to our tasks. In addition, the moments of relaxation and exploration provided a better work-life balance, resulting in increased satisfaction and well-being among our team.

Conclusion: Our workation in Platja d’Aro, Spain was an unforgettable experience where work and relaxation were perfectly balanced. By having the flexibility to work part-time while others were working full-time, we created an environment that was both productive and enjoyable. We explored beautiful cities such as Gerona and Barcelona, enjoyed delicious meals and created precious memories with our colleagues. This workation not only stimulated our professional growth, but also strengthened our team dynamics. If you’re looking for a unique way to combine work and fun, a workation is definitely the way to go.

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