M2Q: A Great Place to Work!

M2Q: A Great Place to Work!


At M2Q, we believe in creating a work environment where our employees feel valued and enjoy what they do.

The M2Q team was treated to a fantastic Afterwork party as part of the “Great Place to Work” initiative. We celebrated this together with the partner companies of the Slingshot cluster within the Cronos Group.

What makes M2Q a great place to work?

1. Appreciation: At M2Q, everyone is appreciated for their contributions.

2. Team spirit: Collaboration is a core value at M2Q.

3. **Fun:** Work can also be fun, and we understand that all too well at M2Q.

The “Great Place to Work” initiative is confirmation of what we at M2Q have long known: we are not only a great place to work, but also a great place to grow. We remain committed to improving our work environment and making sure our employees feel at home here.

At M2Q, we go beyond work; we create a community. And that’s what really makes us a great place to work!

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