Jürgen Meheus 20 years Managing Partner of M2Q

Jürgen Meheus 20 years Managing Partner of M2Q

Jurgen Meheus 20 jaar lang Managing Partner M2Q

Yesterday we had a team meeting in which we celebrated no less than three great accomplishments. First of all, we would like to congratulate Matthias and Bart on their five-year anniversary at M2Q, the software testing company. Your dedication and hard work have contributed invaluably to our success. Thank you!

We also want to pay a special tribute to Jürgen Meheus, Managing Partner of M2Q who has been at the helm of M2Q for no less than twenty years with passion and vision.

Jürgen has made an impressive achievement by being Managing Partner of M2Q, a software testing company within the Cronos group, for 20 years. As Managing Partner, he has a leading role in developing and expanding the company into a well-established player in the industry.

As Managing Partner of M2Q, Jürgen is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s strategy, managing financial resources, and hiring and training staff. He plays a key role in building relationships with key customers and partners, ensuring that M2Q meets the highest standards in software testing.

Thanks to Jürgen’s leadership and expertise, M2Q has built a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner in the field of software testing. His commitment to achieving long-term success has helped the company grow and evolve in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace.

Achieving a 20-year partnership as Managing Partner is an impressive achievement that attests to Jürgen’s dedication and commitment to M2Q, Slingshot, Divirsiti and the Cronos group. It is therefore a milestone that recognizes the strength of the entire team, as the success of a company depends on the efforts of all employees.

Jurgen’s achievement is not only something to celebrate, but also to cherish and honor. It is an inspiration to all M2Q and Cronos Group employees to strive for excellence and long-term success.

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