Integrating Azure DevOps into Automated Software Testing and API Testing with TestComplete

Integrating Azure DevOps into Automated Software Testing and API Testing with TestComplete


In an ever-evolving world of software development and testing, it is crucial to choose the right tools that not only improve efficiency but also improve test results. One of the prominent tools in this arena is TestComplete, a versatile Low Code automation tool from the SmartBear family. With its range of features and strengths, TestComplete has proved to be a powerful ally for testers and developers worldwide. TestComplete: The Efficient Guide to Automated Testing.

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TestComplete, a brief introduction

TestComplete, originally developed by AutomatedQA in 1999, was later acquired by SmartBear in 2003. As a leading U.S. provider of software tools for test automation and API testing, SmartBear has built an impressive portfolio. TestComplete provides the ability to create automated tests for Microsoft Windows, Web, Android, and iOS applications and supports several scripting languages, including VBScript, Python, JScript, C++, and DelphiScript.

What are the main functionalities of TestComplete?

One of the most striking aspects of TestComplete is the versatility it offers testers. Some of the key features include:

Scripted Testing: allows testers to fully develop test scripts or modify recorded test scripts in a built-in editor.

Keyword Testing: Users can easily create keyword-driven frameworks using the built-in Testdriven keyword editor.

Record and Playback: All actions are recorded and can be easily identified in the script editor.
Data-Driven Testing: The tool allows easy data extraction from database tables, CSV files, Excel sheets, etc.

Integration with Defect Tracking Software: TestComplete can be integrated with various defect tracking tools.

Test Visualizer: During test execution, TestComplete creates screenshots to distinguish between actual and expected screens.

What are TestComplete’s strengths?

TestComplete is distinguished by several strengths, including its integration with Azure DevOps and other tools from SmartBear. Flexible licensing models, extensive product offerings, strong focus on API testing, community support and excellent customer service are just some of the reasons why TestComplete stands out in the automated testing market.

Points of interest

It is important to pay attention to some issues with TestComplete. Improving object recognition for better recognition of custom or third-party controls is essential. Moreover, TestComplete must be installed where the application under test resides, since it is not currently possible to execute scripts in a virtual environment where TestComplete is not installed. Integration with business tools for continuous integration is also a critical concern that needs to be addressed.

Take Aways

As a concluding thought, TestComplete offers a fast and user-friendly experience, especially for non-technical testers looking for an easy way to script. With its powerful set of features and strong support, TestComplete remains a reliable choice for those striving for excellent automated test results in their software development process. Keep an eye on this tool as SmartBear continues to expand and improve it to meet the growing needs of the software industry.

>>> Listen to our Podcast about TestComplete <<<

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