From resource planning to project-based working

From resource planning to project-based working

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How do you move from resource planning to project-based work?

Do you also have a specific goal that must be achieved within a certain time frame and also be able to handle change flexibly? Then you need to switch to projects instead of resources in your software testing process. In doing so, make the best use of an external test center like M2Q’s.

Moving from resource planning to project-based work for the software testing process and involving an external test center such as M2Q requires a structured approach. It goes without saying that M2Q will assist you in taking the necessary steps as described below:

  1. Initial evaluation:
    • Evaluate the current state of the software testing process, including resource planning and any existing testing strategies.
    • Identify bottlenecks, bugs, repetitive tasks and areas for improvement.
  2. Set clear goals:
    • Define specific objectives for the transition process, such as improved test efficiency, better quality assurance, or faster delivery of software.
  3. Select an appropriate test management approach:
    • Consider which test management method best suits the needs of your organization and projects. This can be Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, or a hybrid approach.
  4. Identify needed resources:
    • Determine what resources are needed for the new testing process, including personnel, tools and technologies.
  5. Select an external test center:
    • Research and select a reliable testing center such as M2Q based on their experience( +20 years), expertise and portfolio.
    • Discuss expectations, service level agreements (SLAs) and contractual details.
    • In accordance with the ISO-NORM ISO9001 Quality Management
  6. Transfer of responsibilities:
    • Document and share existing testing processes with the external testing center.
    • Discuss and define the responsibilities of both parties, including test management, test design, test execution and reporting.
  7. Implementation of test management tools:
    • Integrate appropriate test management tools to support the process and facilitate collaboration between internal teams, vendors and the external test center(M2Q).
  8. Training and communication:
    • Train internal staff on the new test management approach and the use of any new tools.
    • Increase your employees’ testing experience through targeted training and train new employees to become experienced certified testers
    • Stay in touch with experienced testers within M2Q to address your questions and concerns.
  9. Implementation of the new testing process:
    • Start running test projects using the new project-based approach.
    • Monitor and evaluate performance and adjust the process as needed.
  10. Continuous improvement:
    • Gather feedback from both internal teams and the external test center and implement improvements.
    • Regularly evaluate collaboration and results to enable continuous optimization.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage the transition to project-based work for the software testing process and maximize the benefits of an external testing center such as M2Q. It is also important to be flexible and adjust the process as necessary based on advancing insight and experience.

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