An insight into Tricentis QTest, Tosca, OSV, Live Compare and Neoload

An insight into Tricentis QTest, Tosca, OSV, Live Compare and Neoload

Tricentis Partner event in London

Delving into innovative solutions: An insight into Tricentis’ QTest, Tosca, OSV, Live Compare and Neoload

As an industry leader, we at M2Q constantly strive to stay on top of the latest developments in software solutions. We recently had the pleasure of being invited by Tricentis to an exclusive event in London, where we went deep into some of their most innovative tools: QTest, Tosca, OSV, Live Compare and Neoload.

The event offered deep insight into these solutions and their potential to transform the way we test software. For two days, we immersed ourselves in workshops and presentations led by experts from Tricentis. Here are some highlights of what we learned about these tools:


Tricentis QTest, a robust test management platform, is designed to help teams plan, track and manage testing activities across the entire project lifecycle. QTest’s scalability and flexibility offer us new ways to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on testing strategies.


With Tricentis Tosca, a powerful tool for automated testing, we are able to implement end-to-end test automation. The ability to quickly automate and integrate with existing tools allows us to increase test coverage and reduce turnaround times.

OSV (Open Source Vulnerability):

Tricentis’ OSV solution provides in-depth insights into vulnerabilities in open source libraries. By integrating this tool into our processes, we can proactively identify and mitigate security risks, which is essential to delivering secure software.

Live Compare:

Tricentis Live Compare provides automated comparison between test environments, allowing us to quickly and accurately identify discrepancies between different software versions. This allows us to make faster and more informed decisions during the development process.


With Tricentis Neoload, we can test the performance of applications and systems under different loads. This tool helps us ensure the scalability and stability of software products, which is crucial for successful implementation.

The event not only provided us with in-depth knowledge of these tools, but also inspired us to explore new approaches to delivering high-quality software testing solutions to our valued customers.

At M2Q, we are grateful for the opportunity Tricentis provided to explore these tools. This experience allows us to strengthen our services and support our clients even better in delivering top quality software, within the specified timelines. We look forward to implementing these insights and continuing to provide our customers with the best solutions on the market.

Are you interested in how these solutions can transform software development within your company? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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